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The Crystal Dream Bundle

The Crystal Dream Bundle

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Three of our most popular items in One! 2 jewels and one temporary tattoo trio! First you'll get our black Double-Loop Leather Bracelet with embedded rhinestones and a silver magnetic clasp! Then our silver Nail Crystal Bangle, crafted of high quality brass-plated. Eco-friendly and luxe! Finally, our 3 Pack Temporary Tattoo Drem Deer Bundle is non-toxic way to delight every southern belle! Comes with 3 of our most popular designs, a dreamcatcher, a funky deer and 5 arrows!  All 3 sets retail for $35 but we wanted to give a bundle option for y'all! Ships in one week too!

1. Cut out the tattoo for use and remove the clear sheet.

2. Press tattoo, design facing down on desired area. Skin should be clean and dry.

3. Pat the back of the tattoo with a damp sponge. Then press down and make sure to wet the tattoo throughly.

4. Wait up to 30 seconds then pull up the transfer paper slowly and the decal will be adhered to your skin! Boom!

5. Remove with soap, water and a gentle scrub.

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