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2017 Self-Care Kit

2017 Self-Care Kit

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In this crazy world, the only way to stay going is to stay grounded. And this doesn't have to be done alone with bubble baths and wine only. We can do it in connection. Join Emily (from Y'All Apparel) and Mary (from HeartCentered Essentials) on a 14 day Self-Care Journey to realign and reignite. All done in connection to the whole. All you need is a Self-Care Kit and an open heart and mind. Included is:

Detailed 20+ page Digital Workbook


Crystal Lava Jewelry Bracelet


Serenity - The Oil of Tranquility  

Balance - The Oil of Grounding

Wild Orange - The Oil of Abundance

Peppermint - The Oil of A Buoyant Heart

Our Private Facebook Tribe with daily checkins

Each day a new theme on FB will include an Anchoring and a Reflection of the day. Daily anchoring incorporates Oil, meditation/movement and a writing prompt. Emily and Mary will be live streaming daily. This year's Self-Care Challenge will be hosted in December. Get your kit below and join the tribe.